How to rent a room in Singapore
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How to rent a room in Singapore?

If you’re thinking of renting a room in Singapore, you may be wondering how to do it. There are many ways to do so, from HDBs and Condos to Dash and Carousell. Listed below are some of the most popular options. Just remember that there are rules and regulations when renting a room. And remember, you’ll need a valid work or student pass in order to rent the room.


The controversial question ‘Do Singaporeans discriminate against certain races?’ has recently raised a storm in the rental market. While the country recites its national anthem every morning, some people still seem to view others through an ethnic lens. In the latest example, a woman exposed racial discrimination on Carousell by sharing screenshots of her listings on Twitter. Though the question of whether Singaporeans discriminate against races should be brought up is still unanswered.

As a result, she listed her unit in Bedok North Avenue 2 on Carousell and advertised it for S$1,550 a month. The Indian national and his wife, along with their daughter, came to see the unit and subsequently requested to rent it. After viewing the unit, the couple signed a written rental agreement with Lee and paid the refundable deposit via PayNow. She then submitted the details to the Housing Board for approval. She was told it would take three working days to process the rental agreement.

Another case involving the alleged cheating of eight people who had rented a flat from Lee Chee Tiong on Carousell revealed a shady practice involving a delivery man. Lee Chee Tiong, who had lied to rent out his flat on the site, cheated eight victims out of a total of S$17,250 in rent. He was also a delivery man for the online marketplace Shopee, which he had listed for rent on Carousell.

There are many types of rooms available on Carousell. From the cheapest room rentals in Singapore to the most luxurious ones, there is sure to be a property for rent. You’ll need to consider the property type and estate. If you’re looking for a furnished room in Tiong Bahru, the area, floor level, and the type of room you want to rent are important factors to consider.


For those who don’t want to rent a whole flat, you can opt for an affordable rental option, such as a room in a shared house. Apartments in the city center cost more than those in the outskirts, but you can choose between private and shared toilets. Many apartments come with laundry facilities and cleaning services. They also have fully furnished apartments. Dash can help you find the perfect room for your needs.

Apartments are fully furnished, and Dash offers both studio and one-bedroom apartments in convenient locations across Singapore. You can also enjoy discounts at local establishments. Moreover, you can take advantage of other Dash perks, such as a community manager, dining discounts, and a 24-hour service desk. Dash is also a preferred choice for students who are travelling on business. In addition, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts for dining, retail, and other services.

For longer-term rentals, you can consider Dash’s Balestier Shophouse in the city center. This new co-living space offers apartments that can accommodate up to 12 people. Its rooms are fully furnished and include amenities like air conditioning, toilets, and TV. In addition, Dash now has a number of other co-living spaces, including private apartments. These apartments are perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a one-year contract.

Another new addition to the Dash family is Travelodge, which is located on Hollywood Road. Dash Living on Hollywood Road will add 148 rooms to its portfolio, and will boost inventory by over 10%. The transition is scheduled for the second half of 2020. It’s a great move for both Dash and Travelodge. In the meantime, you’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds without the hassles of renting a room in Singapore.


When you are looking to rent a room in an HDB, you must first find out what is allowed. The only rooms you can rent out to other people are bedrooms and partitioned rooms. To rent out the other rooms, you must apply separately. You must also notify the HDB about any changes in the tenants’ details. Then, you can proceed to fill up an application form. However, you must be aware that you have to pay a Good Faith Deposit to rent out the room.

If you are a non-Malaysian, you need to consider the Non-Citizen Quota. This quota applies to non-Malaysians, but not Singaporeans. Likewise, it applies only to people who have a work permit in certain sectors, but not to tourists. It is not possible to rent out a room in an HDB if you are a non-Malaysian.

The Tenancy Agreement should contain details about the landlord and the tenant. The lease period should be mutually agreed upon. It should also include any additional conditions stated in the Letter of Intent, such as the maximum lease period. Generally, you can only rent out an HDB flat for up to three years, although this is not the case for non-Malaysian citizens. To rent a room in HDBs, you must fill out an application form online.

After getting approval from the Public Rental Scheme, you will have to fill out an application form for one of the four HDB zones. HDB rental flats are heavily subsidised by the government. You will pay 80-95% less than what you would pay in the open market. Furthermore, the rates are controlled and regulated. HDBs are widely distributed throughout Singapore. Those applying for a room in an HDB can select from a number of options, including 2-room flats.


A lot of expatriates and locals alike live in condo blocks in Singapore. These places offer communal facilities, modern trappings, and community. This makes it much easier to make friends and find a place to call home. You can find Singapore condos that include room rentals and full-furnished units. In addition, they are near public transport and many amenities. Here are some tips for finding a room to rent in a condo.

Before signing a lease, consider how many people will live in the unit. Rental rates are usually higher in properties that are near MRT stations and shopping malls. Also, ensure that the amenities are good. Old pools are not worth the high rental rates. Ask your friends for referrals. Make sure to ask the landlord if they have referral benefits. Also, think about how much of the unit you will use, and if you’ll live in it permanently. If possible, try to find a unit that has more than one room.

Before signing a lease, remember that you must have a headcount of all authorized occupiers and owners of the property. In addition, a landlord cannot sublet a room if he/she doesn’t plan on living there for the entire rental period. However, if you are new to the country and are looking for a cheap way to live in Singapore, a serviced apartment may be the right choice. It might cost more, but the peace of mind it brings will be worth the added expense.

For those who are on a budget, serviced apartments in the central district may be a good choice. Prices for a two-bedroom apartment in a centrally-located condo in Singapore start at S$4000 a month. However, you can also find apartments in other districts of Singapore with lower prices, such as Districts 2-4. And if you want to live in a boutique-style condo, there are also a lot of affordable options available.

Vacation rentals

If you’re new to Singapore, you might be wondering how to rent a room. The island city-state is easily accessible by car and has an efficient MRT subway system that runs throughout the entire island. The MRT is one of the most convenient modes of transport in Singapore, with elevators in all subways and well-paved sidewalks. Here are some tips to make the process as easy as possible. Read on for more information.

Renting a room in Singapore is a great way to experience the city’s unique culture. Many young Singaporeans choose room rentals as their first place of independent living, particularly after moving out of their parents’ homes. These apartments are relatively inexpensive and offer a sense of community living with other residents. For those who don’t want to pay too much for a central location, shareflats are the most affordable option.

You can also find available rooms on various Facebook groups dedicated to the room rental business. Facebook groups dedicated to the topic include FindYourRoomInSG and Rooms For Rent in Singapore. Among these groups, you’ll find advertisements posted by fellow tenants looking for roommates. These listings will give you a comprehensive view of listings in the area. Moreover, you can easily search for the ideal location that will suit your needs.

A common room in Singapore is often cheaper to rent than the master bedroom, since it is much smaller. Common rooms in Singapore typically measure 10 to 30 square metres, and rents vary from $500 to $2,000 per month. For greater privacy, you can opt for a one-bedroom apartment or studio. Remember to budget extra for these expenses. You can also look for a cheap shared flat in the same development, if the unit you’ve chosen is no longer available.